Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Asteroid Made of Dragons by G. Derek Adams

   I like the contradiction Asteroid Made of Dragons suggests.  Fantasy and science fiction deserve a little mixing.  I'm sure it happens other times in our interdisciplinary world.  Gene Wolfe is a frequent genre smasher.  Due to his lavish prose though, you can't really split the difference.  He weaves tightly, and the little keyhole (wordhole? wormhole?) through which one enters his books admits the slightest illumination. But let us forgo the enigma known as Genius Wolf.
   This book features a diverse cast: Rime the Wild Mage, Xenon the goblin archaeologist, Sideways the imp assassin, and Linus the undead hunter.  They all sound cool; however, their names and epithets exude a lot more flavor than their characterizations.  The novel's tone rings flat.  Like Space Opera (link to my review) this book prioritizes screwball description, a big wackadoodle gathering of dragons and doom.  You know that our heroes will bind together.  And you know that the asteroid is coming.  I kept reading because I wanted to see how crazy that final scene featuring an asteroid made of dragons would be.  Sad to say, :( , that Adams could have made it a bigger smash-bang ending...
   Check the book out nevertheless.  You won't forget this distinct world or the songs.


An Evil Guest by Gene Wolfe: confusing novel featuring time travel, werewolves, and gourmet dinners

Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente: sing-song sci-fi   

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