Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What If... by Suzanne Berger

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This is a beautifully illustrated story that celebrates creativity from start to finish. The book cover is visually stunning with fantastical images and celestrial bodies in dreamy hues of pink and purple. 

In the story, the little girl ask the question how will she create her art if her pencil disappears. 

Utilizing her vivid imagination she create ways to express herself.  There is also an added bonus of a gatefold hidden inside which I loved.  It's like a doorway to all her ideas.

The recommended grade level for this book is preschool to third grade but I would recommend this book for anyone who is needing to be encouraged.  It is colorful, uplifting, and speaks "never give up".  

Reading a note from the author.  I discovered that this story is an inspired work.  She wrote it after a natural disaster occurred where she lost all her art supplies needed for an art project she was working on; and what she came to realize as an artist.

If you enjoyed reading this book, Samantha Berger has others that may interest you: CrankensteinSnail mailMartha Doesn't Share!

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