Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Class Action by Steven B. Frank

A gutsy sixth grader fed up with being overloaded with class assignments, champions for the cause to end homework for all students.  

Since elementary school, Sam has been assigned work to take home.  He is now in middle school and his teachers are overwhelming him with homework.  He has no free time to play with his friends or work on his treehouse with his dad. He can't even play his piano at his convenience. Sam is frustrated because he has no childhood.  

When his teacher assigns the class homework over the holiday weekend, Sam protests and encourages his classmates to go on strike.  He is sent to the Principal's office and suspended from school.  In a chance meeting with his cranky neighbor, a retired lawyer, Sam is informed of his student rights.  This gives him the idea to fight back.

The author writes an amusing story that will keep your attention from beginning to end. Sam tells the story from his point of view so you see how he and his team of clever juveniles handle this mature situation.  From the yard sell to his claim for damages from the school system, their dedication and sense of purpose is something to root for.

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