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The Scorpion Rules

If you don’t like post-apocalyptic stories, or stories about princesses, or stories with love triangles, then you’ll absolutely LOVE this book about all three! The Scorpion Rules by author Erin Bow is from the point-of-view of Greta—Princess of a post-apocalyptic Canada-- who is in a love triangle with her two best friends (Don’t worry though; this is one of the best teen romances you’ll ever read!)

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"It was never going to have been a fairy tale for us.
There are no fairy tales about two princesses.” 
This book is set far in the future, after the planet has been devastated by drought and war-- and after it has been saved from those troubles by an evil robot overlord. 

Rogue A.I. Talis has figured out that global war, death, and destruction is kind of a hindrance to the continuation of the human race, so he decides to take things into his own global satellite death-rays. One of his most effective methods is by holding the children of world leaders hostage. Should their families ever declare war on another country, their children’s lives are forfeit.

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Erin Bow-- A sweet-looking
lady capable of Great Evil
and Many Feels
Still, life is decent enough for these children of peace, even with the threat of death looming over them 24/7 (Literally-- See: Global satellite death-rays). They live in a compound where they are taught how to eventually run their countries, as well as how to sustain themselves with activities such as cider-making and goat wrangling. Things are almost pastoral and peaceful; that is, until the grandson of a new president makes a rather chaotic appearance, bringing the threat of a new war with him. When the adults cause trouble that could bring about the total annihilation of pretty much everyone, it’s up to the children to clean up the mess.

This book is suspenseful, complex, and chock full of wonderful characters. A.I. Talis is a delightful villain who really steals the spotlight with his humorous wit and mystery, while main character Greta is a great companion through the story, bringing the viewpoint of this wild neo-fairy-tale down to earth. Recommended for anyone looking for a book that will make them cry and laugh in the space of 5 minutes.

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Space, check
Pirates, check
A great read, double check
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All I can say is:
Bring your tissues

For another great book with a fun yet practical female protagonist, check out Katya’s World; and you won’t want to miss Erin Bow’s stand-alone debut, Plain Kate.

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