Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Earth Before Us: Dinosaur Empire!

Fifth-grader Ronnie has one more chance to make up for her flunked quiz on dinosaurs; but she’s going to have a tough time of it, since she can’t figure out the difference between a T-rex and Godzilla. Luckily on her walk home from school she bumps into Ms. Lernin, her former Paleontologist neighbor with an eccentric personality and a yard full of dino bones. With the help of Ms. Lernin (And a little Science Magic) Ronnie is transported back in time to learn all about Mesozoic era and the critters living in it.

Abby Howard is the writer and illustrator of this informative, fun, and funny graphic novel. The author studied evolutionary biology prior to becoming a full-time cartoonist, and she marries the two beautifully with her detailed yet accessible explanations of her prehistoric subjects and her marvelous full-color comic pages. Her style is partially cartoony, balanced with accurate depictions of our understanding of dinosaurs (Yes! The T-rex here has feathers!)

Exploring the Mesozoic

Kids of all ages who love dinosaurs will love reading Earth Before Us: Dinosaur Empire! and will take away a lot of knowledge from it, too. The pages are packed with fun creatures to learn about, and pronunciation guides are provided for each one so you can easily learn their names.

Want more dinosaurs? Try the Smithsonian’s ‘Dinosaur!’

For more historical comic books, check out books by Nathan Hale, such as ‘Underground Abductor’.

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