Friday, March 02, 2018

Little Stevie Wonder by Quincy Troupe

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Little Stevie Wonder by Quincy Troupe is a colorful account of the early life of musician, Stevie Wonder.
Told through verse, the biography is written to the rhythm of Wonder’s famous song, Isn’t She Lovely. As the story of a blind black boy born to love music is told, the words pop off of  the pages in bold colorful letters.
Growing up, young Stevie’s ear for music develops and he is filled with joy. He does not allow his blindness to hinder him from all the enjoyments that other children experience. In fact, Stevie thrives playing with others, learning to play instruments, and joining the church choir.
There is nothing Little Stevie can’t do.
As an adult, he continues to bring joy to others through his music as a recording artist for Motown Records. His music is shared all over the world. Young Stevie Wonder is a rhythmic blend of spirit and love.
The author uses repetition to plant the seed that Stevie Wonder truly is a wonder to the world. The author declares:
“Oh, isn’t he lovely,
This blind black boy born to love everyone,
Who feels and knows everything
Through his fingertips and ears?”

The illustrations by Lisa Cohen are vivid and lively, adding to the jubilant feel of the book. And as an added bonus, included with the book is a music CD featuring two of Stevie Wonder's songs, Fingerprints (Part 2) and Uptight (Everything’s Alright) for readers’ enjoyment.
I would recommend Little Stevie Wonder to young readers, parents, and educators as this book is great for story time.

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