Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bamboo for Me, Bamboo for You!

    Rhyming picture books are treats for read aloud opportunities, whether at home with a child on your lap, or in a small group at the library or at a preschool. When you find a book that has that perfect combination of bright illustrations and a good story as well as rhymes, it's a win-win-win! Bamboo for Me, Bamboo for You! by Fran Manushkin and illustrated by Purification Hernandez, is one of these books.The main characters are two panda sisters named Amanda and Miranda and their mom. They munch on bamboo, noticing and making observations about what other animals eat, and they play like any siblings. They fuss with each other, and make up, too. Even though this is a fictional animal book, little ones can relate to the way Amanda and Miranda's emotions can take over.
   The text appears in word bubbles, which in some picture books can be overdone, but the language is simple and brief, so children can concentrate on the illustrations to tell the story. The only page where the text is really large is when the sisters hug each other after their argument and the text is yellow on a black background and says " I don't like to fight with you."  I love the concentrated colors; the greens and yellows and blues are perfect balances for the black and white pandas. And in perfect storybook fashion, the two panda sisters share their mom's big hug at the end of the book; a good message for twins and siblings anywhere.
     If you like pandas, I would also look at some of our non-fiction titles for young readers like Pandas, by Kate Riggs, with beautiful pictures and little text for preschool and Kindergarten children, or National Geographic's Beginner Non-Fiction title Pandas. If you like multicultural versions of fairy tales, check out a Chinese version of the Three Bears called Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas, a video in our collection for children.

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