Friday, February 02, 2018

Unf*ck your habitat: you’re better than your mess, by Rachel Hoffman

Okay, so you’ve made it this far. You’ve watched HGTV for hours and looked wistfully at organization magazines, as well as the book reviews this week. The decision? “I wish!” For various personal reasons, decluttering is just not in the cards for you. Maybe you’re a busy parent. Maybe you have a personal crisis going on. Maybe you don’t have the spoons to deal with it right now. Rachel Hoffman gets it. That’s why she wrote Unf*ck your habitat: you’re better than your mess.

Don’t let the judgy title fool you. Hoffman, creator of the UnfuckYourHabitat blog, is an old hat at motivating others to get their lives back in order. She understands that people want lives that look like the glossy magazines show us, but we are real people with real obstacles holding us back. Physical or mental disabilities, past traumas, and busy lifestyles are not always shown on those magazine covers. Her methods are simple and straightforward, and so is her writing. Her goal? To help you build habits that will last. Hoffman addresses issues like why a sudden, intense burst of cleaning won’t help anything, why perfectionists can be the messiest people, and why minimalism isn’t necessarily the goal to strive for. However, if you are not comfortable with casual swearing, this may not be the book for you.

Don’t believe me? Cory Doctorow reviews Hoffman’s book much better than I (his praise includes the words “for people terrified by Marie Kondo”, if that helps). But if you’ve noped out, that’s alright, too. Try Real life organizing: clean and clutter-free in 15 minutes a day by Cassandra Aarssen for a simple, easy transition into an orderly house. Or perhaps Erin Doland’s Never too busy to cure clutter: simplify your life one minute at a time is more your speed. And good luck!

By Nicole

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