Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Asian Slow Cooker: exotic favorites for your crockpot, by Kelly Kwok

Even as I write this post, the weather is expected to take another snow day this week. We may or may not get up to 4 inches, who can say? All the cold being forecasted can mean only one thing: time to bust out the slow cooker. Thank goodness for The Asian Slow Cooker: exotic favorites for your crockpot, by Kelly Kwok.

Asian cooking is so ubiquitous, there’s a Chinese takeout restaurant every other block. But instead of stopping for unhealthy (yet delicious!) takeout that’ll be cold by the time you get home, think about having the same flavors waiting for you at home, piping hot and ready to serve. Kwok, popular blogger and creator of, has that covered in her first chapter, converting those familiar dishes for crockpot cookery. In the second, she touches on simpler recipes with her 5-ingredient chapter. She also forgoes the slow cooker for one-pot meals and skillets dinners, reasoning that sometimes life comes at your fast, and you aren’t necessarily ready to feed the family at 5pm. The “Skip the Stove-Top” recipes are among her easiest yet, but she also rounds out the book with chapters featuring spicy meals, vegetarian entrees, soups, and desserts.

Is your appetite sufficiently whetted? Marvelous, mine too. Are you looking for other takes on Chinese takeout? Check out The Chinese takeout cookbook : quick and easy dishes to prepare at home, by Diana Kuan. Healthier options? Say no more and look for Paleo Takeout: restaurant favorite without the junk, by Russ Crandall. If slow cooking gets your cooking juices going, VBPL has a plethora of cookbooks to choose from, including Damn delicious : 100 super easy, super fast recipes by Chungah Rhee. So take these possible snow days to slow down and eat up.

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