Monday, January 29, 2018

Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp

It's that time of year again when we create our list of resolutions for the new year and endeavor to improve our lives over the course of the next twelve months.  On many lists you see a common theme, getting rid of the excess things in our lives and homes and becoming more organized.  Kathi Lipp's candid guide provides readers with an overview of why we tend to hold on to things we no longer find useful and to buy things we don't really need.  To kick start your clutter free journey, she has provided readers with a 2,000 items challenge (donating 2,000 in the upcoming year).  This translates to roughly 5 items a day.

I have been reading books on de-cluttering and minimalism for quite some time now.  What sets Clutter Free apart from the dozens of other books circulating around about this topic is it actually motivated me to set the book down and start the de-cluttering process.  Clutter Free is written in a light, conversational tone that is relatable, yet still informative and practical. Kathi shares her own struggles and experiences openly and ensures readers that while she is not fighting a "clutter war" anymore, she still wages many "clutter battles."  The book provides many practical suggestions for waging our own clutter wars.  It also tackles the why and how behind our clutter problems, a rarity in most de-cluttering guides out there.  Clutter free will change the way you think about clutter and leave you wondering about your own tendencies to buy and keep things just in case.

Want to find out more about Kathi Lipp?  You can find her blog online for more insightful wisdom or check out her other books and audiobooks.  For more de-cluttering and organization motivation, check out The Home Decluttering Diet by Jennifer Lifford and How to Manage Your Home Without Loosing Your Mind: Dealing With Your House's Dirty Little Secrets by Dana White.

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