Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Strange Weather by Joe Hill

Make no mistake: Joe Hill is his father’s son.
Despite writing under a variation of his middle name rather than his famous father’s last name (a father who happens to be some guy named Stephen King), Hill shares many of the qualities that have made his father among the best American authors of all time (at least in my opinion).

“Strange Weather” is a book of four novellas. The stories Hill offers here reminds the reader of his father as much as he ever has. They’re well written and easy to read, as well as amazingly weird and totally off-the-wall.
“Strange Weather” opens with “Snapshot,” which is probably the most Stephen King-like of the four stories. It tells the tale of a teenage boy who faces off against a sinister man who owns a spooky camera that steals memories. Next is “Loaded,” which is an eerily timely work of fiction that paints a grim picture of the current gun culture in this county. “Aloft” takes place above Ohio and follows a young man who (not exactly willingly) jumps out of a plane and, well, lands on a cloud (or something). The last of the stories is “Rain,” but it’s not about your typical run-of-the-mill weather phenomenon.    
The novellas are quick and easy to read and definitely worth it if you’re a fan of Joe Hill. If you’re a fan of his father then I strongly suggest you give the son a try.     

Although it’s worth reading, in my opinion this is not Hill’s best. Don’t worry though: The VBPL also has his previous works. “The Fireman” and “NOS4A2” are both good, but if you want Hill at his finest try “Horns” or “Heart-Shaped Box,” which is my personal favorite. It’s as creepy and as scary as anything his famous father ever wrote. 

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