Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sleep Like A Tiger by Mary Logue

I’m not sleepy! What parent has not heard these words from their child when bedtime arrives?  Sleep like a Tiger is a fanciful story that takes you through the bedtime process of a little girl not ready for bed.

It opens with a fairytale-like beginning then becomes a question and answer dialogue between the little girl and her parents. 

It is time for the little girl to get ready for bed but she’s not sleepy.  She protest but her parents encourage her to follow her night-time routine. She puts on her pajamas and climb into bed along with her bedtime friends. Her parents tuck them inside the blanket and turn to leave her room. She calls her parents back and ask them if everything in the world goes to sleep. They lovingly and patiently answer all her question. 

Pamela Zargarenski, a caldecott award winning illustrator, and the author Mary Logue collaborated well with this book. The words and the illustrations tell the same story.  The illustrator creates a dreamy world through her use of muted colors and shapes.  She also includes a surprise inside her illustrations.  

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