Monday, December 18, 2017

Rule of Law by Randy Singer

In life there’s often a fine line between right and wrong. Good and evil seem worlds apart, but ultimately the difference can be simply a matter of perspective. 
The dichotomy is that no matter how much we might want it to be, life isn’t always undeniably black and white.
More often than not it’s some ambiguous shade of gray. 
Works of fiction often offer such scenarios, as we discover in local author Randy Singer’s latest novel “Rule of Law,” where even something as seemingly straightforward as fighting terrorism can be fraught with complications and moral dilemmas.   
The plot builds around a botched raid in the Middle East by Navy SEALs, in which all 20 members of the team perish. The story follows an attorney named Paige Chambers, who had been in a relationship with one of the SEALs. After the failed raid a mysterious informant tells Paige and her cohorts that the raid may have been doomed from the start and that certain government officials knew it, thus making the loss of life not only needless but possibly criminal.
As might be expected in a legal thriller like “Rule of Law” there’s plenty of legal-speak and courtroom drama, as well as a plethora of unsavory characters and a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.
Most of the action takes place locally, with both Virginia Beach and Norfolk in starring roles.  
Singer is himself an attorney, as well as a teaching pastor at Virginia Beach’s Trinity Church. His faith, while not exactly central to the action nor overbearing in its element, certainly bleeds through into a few of the characters and the difficult choices they face.
Although it weighs in at 460 pages it’s a relatively quick and easy read - legal-speak notwithstanding.

“Rule of Law” is available at the Virginia Beach Public Library in hardcopy, audiobook, and electronic format, as are most of Singer’s previous novels.  

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