Friday, December 15, 2017

Alice and the Assassin by R. J. Koreto

The year 1902 is a significant year for Alice. She is now the daughter of the President of the United States.  Her father, Theodore Roosevelt, has been sworn in as President due to President McKinley's assassination. Fearing for her father’s safety, she begins a follow-up investigation into the murder of the former President.

Secret Service Agent Joseph St. Clair has been reassigned by the President to protect his spirited and unconventional daughter. Realizing that she will now be under the watchful eyes of a bodyguard, Alice solicits his help with her unofficial investigation.

Alice and the Assassin is R.J. Koreto's first novel in the Alice Roosevelt series.  It is a light and fun read. The back and forth banter between Alice and Mr. St, Clair is amusing. Alice is young and headstrong while Mr. St. Clair has a calm demeanor with a dry sense of humor. This contrast brought a comedic tone to their adventure. 

It was fascinating reliving a part of history as I read this story. There were characters and facts that correlated with the timeline of that period, though most was fictious. After reading biographical information about Alice Roosevelt, I find out that she was indeed a spirited and unconventional socialite.

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