Friday, September 29, 2017

Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World by Kelly Jensen

Here We Are: Feminisim for the Real World is a collection of essays, interviews, poems, illustrations, and comics that celebrate the diverse yet unified world of feminism. Kelly Jensen is the editor of the collection and does a fine job bringing together a long list of fresh feminist voices ranging from authors, actors, musicians, artists, and public and political figures. These various women and men share what feminism means to them and proves that to be a feminist doesn't mean one must fit into a certain image.

The collection is broken into seven chapters exploring different aspects of self-identity; examples of the categories include body and mind, gender, sex, & sexuality, culture and pop culture, and relationships. Need an essay that merits the world of fandom? Or a thought-provoking interview of Laverne Cox? What about an amazing guide to being a teenage superheroine? This is the book for you.

Here We Are is a great starting point for young girls who want to delve deeper into the feminist movement. The hope of this book is that young readers will take away a sense of understanding about the many different faces of feminism and will feel empowered as a young person who believes in equality. Though this collection's main audience is teens, adults will also find it relatable to their own past and present experiences in feminism.

In this collection you will find pieces that will make you laugh, cry, get angry at society, but most importantly will make you think critically.

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