Thursday, September 28, 2017

Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

Jennifer Dixon is not your typical kindergarten class mom. With two adult daughters in college, having a child in grade school is not her first rodeo, but Jen has not always had the most conventional parenting style. With Max things are different; she's married to his father and is in a good place in her life. She's also 15 years older than the other parents in her son's class.

Laurie Gelman's Class Mom is a hilarious read for all the parents who have had to deal with being a Class Mom (or Dad!) or understands the frustration that can arise from being too involved in PTA activities.

Jen's best friend and PTA president begs her to take on the responsibility of being this year's new class mom and she reluctantly agrees, but resolves to do things her own way.

First order of business is emailing all parents in the class with a completely wise-crack and no-nonsense manner. Her sarcasm is lost on some ears (or eyes) and not appreciated by others. Jen is brash and inappropriate, but she doesn't care to win Cla
ss Mom of the Year.

The novel chronicles the year in a life of being a class mom told through Jen's perspective, which is laugh out loud funny and if you're also a snarky parent tired of dealing with the contrite PTA politics you'll find this funny. Even if you're not a parent you'll find this story amusing.

Though the story is not without its drama. Making Jen's year more complicated is the cast of characters she's forced to deal with: a very sensitive allergy mom, ultra-chic and hard-to-please housewives who eschew their Kansas City living in favor of claiming their NYC background, her son's surprisingly sexy teacher, and the reappearance of Jen's old high school flame. All these problems add up to more than what the job description promised.

Gelman's writing is funny, visceral, and in many ways relatable. If you're a parent you might find yourself laughing and nodding along as you read along.

Class Mom will appeal to fan's of Maria Semple's writing style. Check out Today Will be Different by Semple which features similar themes about motherhood.

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