Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Real Lucky Charm By Charisse Richardson

Who says that girls can’t ball?
The Real Lucky Charm by Charisse Richardson proves that when it comes to basketball and girls, no luck is needed.
Mia Robertson is a fifth grader who happens to be twin sister to Marcus, star basketball player. When not enough girls register for the newly developed all-girls basketball team during fall sign-ups, a single co-ed team is formed and not everyone is happy about it.
When Mia starts to outshine her twin brother on the court, Marcus begins to wonder if the engraved basketball charm on her bracelet which she rubs ritually before each game is actually lucky.
This theory is put to the test when Mia begins to stretch the limits of her “lucky charm.” After her charm goes missing, Mia is faced with a major decision that impacts every aspect of her life, including the pact that she made with her best friend, Gabbie. In the end, Mia learns a valuable lesson from her father about believing in self, and never giving up. This story is great because of the strong message of hard work paying off. Author, Charisse Richardson brings these young characters to life with a relatable premises of sibling rivalry and sportsmanship.
I would recommend The Real Lucky Charm to young readers who enjoy reading about sports with play by play action. Readers who enjoy this book will also enjoy The Crossover by Kwame Alexander and Teammates by Tiki and Ronde Barber, which ironically enough, both feature narratives about sets of twin athletes.

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