Friday, August 11, 2017

President of the Whole Fifth Grade By Sherri Winston

Brianna Justice, President of the Whole Fifth Grade! 
That’s step one in the plan to world domination; or at least being a super successful million dollar cupcake chef.
President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sherri Winston is the story of a girl on a mission. Brianna Justice is a member of the Woodhull Society club; four friends (Brianna, Sara, Rebecca, and Lauren) who are determined to become successful business women. Having already determined the career paths they will take, and saving their money to ensure it happens, there is nothing that will get in their way. This is especially true for the group’s most ambitious member, Brianna.
That is until the new girl in fifth grade, Jasmine Moon, moves in on Brianna’s territory and nominates herself as a candidate for fifth grade president. Not willing to give in to defeat, Brianna begins to utilize unscrupulous campaign tactics to outwit her opponent and secure her victory.
President of the Whole Fifth Grade is an intriguing drama with plenty of political scandal and underhanded elementary schemes. Young fiction readers will enjoy learning about the history of American politics and even pick up a few new vocabulary words while reading about the F-O-O-L-I-S-H-N-E-S-S that takes place at Orchard Park Elementary.
Winston’s writing is captivating and the characters she has created come to life with plenty of spunk and personality. Her use of print awareness engages the reader further by drawing out the significance of the words on the page, establishing familiarity so that the reader develops a personal connection to their meaning. So not only do young reader become enthralled with the story, but also with the act of reading it as well.
I would recommend this book to young readers who enjoy character driven dramas with a particular interest in history and politics. Young readers may also enjoy reading President of the Whole Sixth Grade  by Sherri Winston as well!

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