Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Minnie Saves the Day by Melodye Benson Rosales

Minnie Saves the Day by Melodye Benson Rosales is an adorable tale about the make believe world of toys.
Minnie is a handmade rag doll, gifted to Hester Merriweather from her grandmother. Upon receiving the doll, it becomes obvious that she is very special, or so Hester's family would have her believe. But actually, Minnie is special. Her cotton-filled mind is set on being the best doll possible.
When Hester’s handmade rag doll comes to life, she forges new friendships with forgotten toys to help Hester and her family. This Toy Story-esque tale which toggles between the world of Hester’s toys and the “really-for-real folk” is laced with plenty of historical context and African American culture from Chicago’s 1930s Bronzeville community.
Minnie Saves the Day is a great adventure tale for young chapter book readers. In fact, parents will enjoy reading along for the colorful historical subtleties of yesteryears. This book is filled with humor, heart, and morale.
I would recommend Minnie Saves the Day to young readers who enjoy historical fiction and a little bit of make believe to boot. And as an added bonus, author, Melodye Benson Rosales included some “Chocolate Covered Memories” along with a sweet recipe for those who want to experience more of Minnie's adventure!

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