Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up By Melissa Thompson

Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up by Melissa Thompson is about an epic, most disastrous incident.
Keena Ford is a second grader who speaks her mind. She may even be a little bit of a know-it-all; though she’d never admit it. This is because Keena’s opinions are usually reserved for her personal journal. However, when frenemy,  Tiffany gets her hands on Keena’s journal, chaos ensues.
While trying to recover her journal, Keena is faced with a dilemma, tell on Tiffany and risk having her darkest secrets exposed to everyone, or be forced into playing best friends in order to please her worst enemy.
Kenna discovers a valuable lesson on the importance of standing up for herself and more importantly, she learns a lesson about friendship from the most unexpected person.
The characters in Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up demonstrate the fine line between friend and foe. This drama-filled tale of Keena Ford will please young fiction readers who are new to chapter books. In fact,  some may even feel inspired to begin their own journaling; that is once they learn some of the valuable lessons that Keena has to teach.  Author, Melissa Thompson does an incredible job creating  realistic fiction for youth, while the illustrations by infamous, Frank Morrison provides the visual catch-eye to bring the story to life.
Other Keena Ford titles include Kenna Ford and the Second Grade Mix-Up and Keena Ford and the Field Trip Mix-Up. I would recommend this series to young readers who enjoy reading about boisterous characters. Keena Ford will not disappoint!

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