Thursday, June 22, 2017

Peter Ash series

The first two books in the Peter Ash series 
by Nicholas Petrie

A suitcase full of cash and explosives.
A very large, very ugly, very stinky dog.
Lots of bad guys.
An ex-Marine with a bad case of PTSD
that puts his military training to good use.

A hungry bear.
A hidden treetop observation platform
in the middle of the forest.
A beautiful woman.
A black-ops government agency.
A top-secret, high-tech surveillance system that could take over the world.
The Yeti.

Peter Ash is an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran that suffers from PTSD.  Whenever he is in a building or around too many people he experiences a serious form of claustrophobia. He refers to it as "white static".  Peter has been spending his time since separating from the Marines hiking around the country, camping and sleeping under the stars.

Fans of the Jack Reacher and the Bourne series will enjoy this character.

Review by Kathryn

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