Monday, May 22, 2017

Highly Illogical Behavior

Highly Illogical Behavior is the kind of young adult novel that’s supposed to be a tearjerker, but, in fact, just ends up making you laugh and fall in love with its quirky characters.

The book begins with Solomon, a teen suffering from agoraphobia, who hasn’t left the house in three years. But, as far as he is concerned, life is great. His days are filled with Netflix, gaming, and dinners with the family. That’s the way he likes it and he doesn’t understand why everyone has a problem with that.

Lisa is an overachieving high school student who understands EXACTLY what the big problem is (or so she thinks) and is bent on helping Solomon overcome his fear of the outside world. However, her intentions aren’t entirely pure. Never mind she has problems of her own...

Clark is Lisa’s boyfriend. He is the quintessential hot guy and ruler of the school type. He dotes on her and seems to only have eyes for her, but why do things seem so off lately?

Highly Illogical Behavior is one of those YA books you would really like to put in a box, because it has all the usual trappings of a coming of age novel: the end of high school love story, rocky friendships, the sexual self-awakening, and the parents who just don’t understand. However, in reality, it is a frank exploration of teen mental health issues. An endearing homage to all things nerdy (demonstrating how a Star Trek episode can keep you keeping on in the darkest of times). And, lastly, a reminder that love is beautiful, in and of itself, no matter how it ends—or begins. Other books you might want to checkout are: Three Truths and a Lie by Brent Hartinger and True Letters from a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan.

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