Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

The latest from one of Britain’s beloved women writers, My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella was just released this January and is a bright book to add to your spring to-read list. The story follows Kaite, a mid-twenties junior associate in an advertising firm. She idolizes her suave and ultra-trendy boss, Demeter, and hopes to follow in her footsteps to become a creative executive one day.

One day Katie’s not so perfect but tolerable life turns for the worst and she suddenly finds herself without a job and farther away from being closer to her dreams of living a successful London life. She soon finds herself back in her hometown on her family’s farm, but an opportunity arises and she puts her talent to the test by helping her parents develop and start a glamping business.

When her old boss ends up on the farm Katie is frazzled and wants to take revenge on the woman who took away her chance at making it in the big city. As she learns more about Demeter, away from the office and city life, she begins to see that maybe her life hasn’t been so perfect, either. They form an unlikely bond and end up needing each other more than they thought.

Kinsella does a great job framing the story around Katie and her growth into a strong and confident woman. The friendship between Katie and Demeter is endearing as both characters are portrayed as well-rounded people. Similar to other novels by Kinsella, there is a slight mystery that Katie and Demeter must work to solve, and of course thrown in is the romance between Katie and the energetic and creative Alex, who happens to also be Katie’s—and Demter’s—boss. But what’s refreshing is that the romance element of the story is secondary to the main plot.

This is an adorable story about looking beyond pretenses and accepting someone completely.

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