Monday, March 13, 2017

Molly and Pim and the Millions of Stars

             If you have ever felt, as a child, that your parent was weird, and that you wish you could live with your more "normal" best friend and her family, Molly Pim and the Millions of Stars might be just for you. Molly lives with her mom in a comfortable little house, though it may be a little messy and slanted.  Her mom is a collector of plants, especially herbs, and she makes magical healing potions. She prepares lots of food from scratch, like muesli and soups from wild foods.
  Next door to Molly and her mother, there are awful neighbors, people who complain about everything on your property, including your very kind rooster named The Gentleman. It's a good thing Molly has Ellen, her best friend, and now there's an interesting boy named Pim who is causing Molly a bit of concern. (Pim stands out as a particularly supportive young male, a great kind of character for readers to emulate.)
              One thing leads to another, and the neighbors turn on Molly's mom and threaten to make The Gentleman disappear, so Mom has a plan that involves planting a tree that will grow- overnight. The tree would block the view from the neighbor's yard. But then, something really strange happens, and Molly has to figure out what to do.
             This book an easy read with lots of heart and soul, creativity, magic, and the power of friendship- old and new. I love Martine Murray's musical language, and the way she gets inside Molly's mind. We feel and know how Molly deals with a very hard thing, and we rejoice when love ends up being the solution. The bonus in the book is an appendix with recipes and herbal lore, according to Molly.
         If you enjoy Murray's playful writing style, readers may also enjoy several other books in our VBPL collection: Henrietta, There's No One Better (2006) and The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley, who Planned to Live an Unusual Life.(2003). Both books feature adventurous characters with an emphasis on friendship and pets.

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