Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus


  For more than two thousand years, people have been telling the story of Jesus of Nazareth. It's hard to imagine what would happen if a picture book artist and writer decided to present a variety of the miracles attributed to Jesus, and shared them in matter of fact, contemporary language. Harder than that, it's something to come upon such a book suddenly in the stacks, a book with eye popping  illustrations and ingenious use of text.
         Miracle Man: the Story of Jesus by John Hendrix is a surprise. Even if you were raised with these stories, seeing them in a style that blends a sort of graphic novel style with bright colors, text bubbles and text imbedded in the pictures makes the ancient tales vivid. The depiction of Jesus himself is so realistically rendered, despite the fact that he can do miracles.
The author has brought attention to other famous people in history,such as A Boy called Dickens and Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: a tall, thin tale ( introducing his forgotten frontier friend). In the end notes at the back of the book, Hendrix makes an unabashed statement of  his own Christianity, speaking to his intention to " render  (Jesus) as a man of his time and place and not as a construction of western idealism." It's an invigorating way to rediscover some of the oldest stories known   and worth a read by people of all faith traditions. I love the freshness of the graphic design. I'd recommend this book for children from Kindergarten up, and for adults who may want to use this book for personal reflection or sharing with a Sunday school class.  

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