Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Little Night Cat


     Sometimes the cover of a book presents such an invitation, a reader cannot refuse. Sonja Danowski's breathtaking picture book, Little Night Cat, breathes and vibrates with life in the lush illustrations and the touching tale of a boy who loves a cat or two. This is a story to be read aloud and looked at deeply. The pages are large,with illustrations rich with detail, color, shading and the indescribable something of an artist who knows how to depict living things, especially boys. moms and cats. It's easy to see that Danowski has won many awards already.
     Tony is a boy who is prepared to give away his stuffed animals to raise money for an animal shelter. His mom and a friend play music at the event, especially a song composed by the author called Little Night Cat. ( Note: The instrumental music is at the end of the book.) Tony meets Valentine, a " big tomcat with silky gray fur" at the shelter and feels an instant connection. When he comes home, he misses Valentine, but his mom shares her own stuffed cat, Paul, with Tony, which helps him get to sleep. After school, Tony is disappointed when he doesn't see Paul. And yet, as in every good story, there's a happy ending for Tony.
        If you love picture books which focus on a high level of artistry, especially focusing on realism and portraits, you might want to check out books in our collection illustrated by Bryan Collier, E.B. Lewis and William Joyce. It's often true that some of the best art is housed between the covers of a picture book.

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