Monday, January 16, 2017

Training for the Reading Marathon

Those of you who followed my posts for 2016 know that I was doing a reading challenge to finish 41 books in 2016. The good news is that I finished. The even better news is that Virginia Beach Public Library has decided to have our very own challenge for 2017 called the Reading Marathon.

Here's how it works:
Register for the program
Log in your books
Collect badges and prizes

We'd like you to finish 26.2 books for the year. What's the .2? Well, sometimes you start a book and just find you don't like it very much. Life is too short to read bad books, so just mark that title off as your .2 and pick another.

Want to go the extra mile? We have 27 categories of books for you to choose from if you're interested in expanding your regular reading. The site has suggested lists if you're having trouble picking a book in the category, and you can always ask a librarian to help you find other titles whenever you come visit.

Finish the marathon by the end of the year, and you just may even get a nice 26.2 reading marathon bumper sticker. For more information check out the Reading Marathon link.

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