Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Corner of White (Colors of Madeleine trilogy) by Jaclyn Moriarty

A Corner of White (Colors of Madeleine trilogy) by Jaclyn Moriarty

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to review the first book in Jaclyn Moriarty's Colors of Madeleine trllogy. (Other than that I loved it and wanted to share that with other readers) -- the problem is that the plot is almost impossible to explain...

So, there are two worlds -- the one we're familiar with, and another world, called Cello, where Colors are dangerous happenings that can change people's emotions, or even attack.  These worlds have been completely separate for generations, but somehow, messages start slipping through a crack between them.  In our world, there's Madeleine, who lives with her eccentric mother, and spends most of her time with her two best friends, Belle and Jack.

In Cello, we meet Elliott, searching for his missing father who disappeared in a Purple.  Also, in Cello, the royal family has gone missing under mysterious circumstances, while one princess holds down the fort -- making royal appaearances and pretending nothing is wrong.

Mixing fantasy with the teen realism Moriarty is best known for,  A Corner of White creates an immersive and fascinating world for readers to explore.  I will warn other readers that I found the first book to have a rather slow start (as you can probably tell from my explanation above -- there's a lot of world-building and explanation needed), but once you get past that, the story moves more quickly.

For readers who enjoy A Corner of White, the trilogy is now complete with The Cracks in the Kingdom, and A Tangle of Gold (books 2 and 3, respectively).  Readers may also enjoy Moriarty's more realistic teen fiction.  I should also point out that Jaclyn Moriarty has two sisters who are also published authors, and while they write in different genres, there is a similar flavor to their writing-- Liane Moriarty and Nicola Moriarty (check back later this week for my review of Nicola Moriarty's first novel published in the US).

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