Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living
by Louise Miller

This is a sweet little story about a city woman trying to find her place in life in the country.

Have you ever had something so embarrassing happen that you just wanted to pick up and move somewhere else?  That is what happens to Olivia (Livvy) Rawlings.  Livvy lives in Boston and works as a pastry chef in an upscale restaurant.  Then her personal and professional lives go up in flames, both publicly and literally.  This sends her running to her friend, who is living in a small town in Vermont.

Livvy takes a temporary job at an inn that turns out to be so much more than she ever expected.  There are personal secrets revealed, heartbreak, and even a romance.

The characters are believable and drawn with depth.  Louise Miller paints a very picturesque and bucolic image of Vermont.  Her wonderful descriptions of the food will have your mouth watering.

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