Friday, December 30, 2016

If It Fits, I Sits: Cats in Awkward Places

Cats are some of the strangest creatures out there with their own kind of logic (which can be completely unintelligible to their humans). 

This cute photo book features the many interesting, awkward, clever, silly, weird, imaginative, and mind-boggling ways cats place themselves.  If there is a space, the cat will find a way to get into it.  Many will wonder:  How did the cat do that?  How is that even comfortable?  And the biggest of all—Why?  There may not be answers, but the pictures will be sure to entertain.  People with cats can relate, and those who do not can still enjoy the cat antics.  The icing on top are the clever captions to capture the moment and encourage readers to pause at each photo instead of just flipping through.  The photos vary from professional-looking to amateurish shots. The layout is simple, but effective, and varied, with emphasis on the photos.  This is definitely a fun, quick, and enjoyable read.

Look for If It Fits, I Sits on the VBPL Catalog.  For some unique photography and action shots, try Pounce by Seth Casteel and Shake Cats by Carli Davidson.  For more cat photos, look at Cats on Instagram by @cats_of_instagram, Felines of New York by Jim Tews, and Mitsuaki Iwago’s Cats & Lions and Curious Cats (see review).

Review posted by Tracy V.

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