Friday, December 02, 2016


The Boov are an alien race looking for a new planet; they find Earth. After they arrive, they quickly relocate Earth’s entire population and begin moving in. One enthusiastic Boov, named Oh, is so excited about his new home, that he sends out (what he intends to be) a planet-wide party invitation. Unfortunately, what Oh sends is a galaxy-wide invitation… effectively informing the Boov’s greatest enemy of their new location. Oh is banished and begins life on the run from his own people. But with the help of a young Earthling girl named Tip, Oh might be able to save his people and our planet.

This is one of those movies I watched, “just because.” I wasn’t sure I would love it, but it looked cute enough; and it was! This space invasion based movie is funny and heartwarming. I came to feel sympathy for Oh, who is already an outcast among his people, prior to his big mistake; and Tip, who missed being relocated and is desperately searching for her mother. Together, these two characters grow and learn not only how to get along, but what family, love, and home really mean.

If you enjoy Home, look for the book that started it all, The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. Or, if you’re in the mood for another heartwarming animated movie about finding family, look for The Good Dinosaur by Disney and Pixar. These and much more can be found at your local Virginia Beach Public Library.

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