Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pink is for Blobfish by Jess Keating

Pink is the color of princesses, fluffy tutus, fairy hair, and satin bows… or is it? Pink is for Blobfish takes this hyper-stereotyped color and turns it on its ear by introducing some of nature’s most unusual pink animals. Have you met the pinktoe tarantula, which actually starts out life blue? Or the naked mole rat, who may hold the cure for cancer?

Pink is for Blobfish is chalk full of fun facts and useful information, all written in a fun and easy to read way. Children and adults will both enjoy this book—I actually brought it home to share with my husband. The back of the book features a detailed glossary as well as useful terms. Did you know that a scientist who studies mammals is called a mammalogist? I sure didn't!

I really enjoyed Pink is for Blobfish, and hope they continue as a series. I’d love to see what interesting animals orange or yellow is for!

If you enjoy Pink is for Blobfish, try more kid-friendly animal fact books like More Life-Size Zoo by Teruyuki Komiya or What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. Also, be sure to stop by and look through our Ranger Rick and National Geographic Kids magazines. These items and much more are available at your local Virginia Beach Public Library location.

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