Thursday, October 06, 2016

Ashley Bell

Ashley Bell a novel by Dean Koontz

As with all Dean Koontz’s novels, Ashley Bell is hard to put down. You are pulled in from the first page. Bibi Blair, twenty-two years old and budding author, receives the worst medical diagnosis anyone could get - she has brain cancer and only months to live. Her faith in herself says otherwise and she tells her doctor, “We’ll see.” Her parents, who are beach hippies, are naturally devastated hearing the news but try to support her in the only way they know. Which is to let Bibi be Bibi!  In a matter of days, as they watch from her hospital bed, they notice that she is coming to and seemingly her old normal self. Later doctors reveal the cancer has miraculously disappeared. From their surf shop her parents dispense advice, and introduce her to a fortune teller, who uses scrabble tiles to tell the future. She reveals to Bibi that she has been spared from untimely death to save someone named Ashley Bell.
Without a clue about the mysterious Ashley Bell, Bibi leaves her hospital bed in search of her and uncovers a hornet’s nest of enemies that uses every weapon imaginable to stop her, including a neo-Nazi cult leader, Birkenau Terezin. Even Bibi’s former teachers and friends mysteriously turn into would-be assassins. The one person she can count on is her fiancĂ©, a Navy Seal, stationed oceans away.
As usual with Koontz, there are more twists and turns than a scrunchie. I found myself holding my breath wondering if Bibi would make it out of the clutches of Terezin. I couldn’t put it down and read it in two days!

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