Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nature's Day: Discover the World of Wonder at Your Doorstep by Kay Maguire & Danielle Kroll

If you decide to read this book, expect to experience exactly what the title depicts. Each purposeful word and bright, colorful graphic is designed to enchant the reader with nature. The real wonder in this book lies in how successful it is in evoking that feeling.

The layout is simple to follow; it goes through a seasonal cycle beginning with spring and ending with winter. A welcome page starts off the new season. The following pages then explain the animals, plants, people and other sights that may be found in specific locations. Each season focuses on these spots: a backyard, vegetable garden, forest, farm, fields, pond, orchard and street. These locations are not centralized in one area of nature, so this means the book is making efforts to depict a variety of places.

The words are highly descriptive; many words highlight one of the five senses. You can hear the birds calling, see the light appearing at dawn, feel the leaves of a growing carrot, taste a variety of seasonal meals and smell the strong scent of fresh garlic. Furthermore, each description is accurate. One description focuses on the movement of helicopter seeds, and captures the exact appearance of the seeds when they leave trees.

The illustrations are as important as the words, and help move the reader’s eyes from one written description to another. There is such delight behind each word and graphic that one cannot help but admire the effort that went into designing this book. Nature’s Day is classified in our library catalog for children, and the simplicity makes this appropriate, but I would also recommend it to adults. A lot can be learned from this book’s wonder.

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