Wednesday, September 07, 2016

My First Book of Hindi Words

          Namaste! Yes, you have heard that word before, and perhaps had a cup of chai. And yet, how many other Hindi words do you know? Rina Singh has produced a beautiful, brightly illustrated books with rhyming text that opens the door to the Hindi language for children and families in an A-B-C format.
       Here are some of the new words I've learned : Jhoola means swing, and you can almost feel the breeze and the sway in the sound of the word. Tara means star. What a lovely sound! And if I get excited when I see something wonderful now, I can say "Wah!", which means wow. Farida Zaman's illustrations feature children and adults playfully engaged in life, playing and visiting together in a respectful cultural context.
      International language books and multicultural materials are important in a world in which children connect with people from any country in their schools and day care classes. You may enjoy reading Little Treasures: Endearments from Around the World, a delightful romp by Jacqueline K. Ogburn with illustrations by award winning artist Chris Rashka. You can learn a new way to call your sweetheart or your infant in another language! A book you may want to share with a reluctant Kindergarten child is Moony Luna ( Luna, Luna Lunera) by Jorge Argueta in Spanish and English. The five year old main character, Luna discovers that there are no monsters at school, only a group of new friends.
     Kathleen Fogarty is Youth and Family Services Librarian at Princess Anne Library.

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