Friday, September 09, 2016

My Dog's a Chicken

      We have a farm, but we don't have a dog. I would love a dog, one day, when we're settled enough and have a place for a pup to curl up at night. On the other hand, our chickens are free roaming contributors to the farm income, with rolling houses of their own. They don't ask to be cuddled, though a few can be held. But a chicken is not a dog-like pet. Or is it?
     Lula Mae desperately wants a dog. She and her family live on a farm. But her Mama says a dog is another mouth to feed. So Lula gets in her head that a chicken would make a fine dog and she names it Pookie. Lula Mae gives Pookie a red bow for her head, and the fun begins. My Dog's a Chicken starts with a longing for a furry friend and ends with laughter and love. Pookie turns out to be a smart hen with many talents, and Mama has to agree, by the last page, that Pookie is "one fine dog."
   The text is perfect for read aloud for preschool aged children and anyone who just loves farm life, chickens and dogs. Anne Wilsdorf's playful ink and watercolor illustrations are lively. Her choice of hues for the chickens is varied and true to life; chickens are really that colorful!
     Children's books about farm life are mostly fictional and fun. If you like this book, try Wally Does Not Want a Haircut by Amanda Driscoll about a sheep afraid of being shorn, or Duddle Puck the Puddle Duck, featuring a duck who enjoys multiple animal languages, but who is chastised by his farm friends for not sticking to a simple " Quack!"

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