Friday, August 05, 2016

Hot Dudes Reading

From the creators of the original Instagram of @hotdudesreading

It's Fri-YAY and who has a hot date this weekend? You do! With the book Hot Dudes Reading.

Your favorite Instagram account @hotdudesreading is now available in book format of the same name, a compilation of some of the original posts and some new literary hotties. The creators of the account say they "appreciate men with good looks and good books." And who doesn't? In this collection you will find candid snapshots of men caught reading in various public places such as the subway the park and possibly even your local library.....

A Good Man is Hard to Find according to Flannery O'Connor, but with the help of this dashing librarian, a good book won't be hard to find at all. Search no more girl, you found yourself a keeper.

I am long overdue for a good series, and this bookish trilogy looks like they have some recommendations for me! What are my genre preferences? Tall, well-read, and handsome.

Paired with witty commentary and hilarious book references, this book will make you laugh, and even get a little flushed. So do yourself a favor and put one on hold for you and your girlfriends. For more sneak peaks into the lives of strangers in public places check out Humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton. While daydreaming about your crush try the Steinback-inspired literary romance Monterey Bay by Lindsay Hatton.

Review by Stevie Z.

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