Thursday, July 28, 2016

Storm by Eric Jerome Dickey

So we all know Storm, from the X-Men series; white haired, black woman who can control the weather. We are also aware of the new Marvel character coming out with his own movie (Black Panther). But did you know that these two characters fall in love?

Neither did I!!!

Okay to be honest, I sort of knew because my son is an avid comic book reader, and if you are too, then this is not news to you. However, everyone else can play catch up reading this amazing graphic novel.

Storm by Eric Jerome Dickey (that’s right, the African American fiction author) is a love story.  Ororo and T’Chala come from very different backgrounds. Ororo (Storm) is an orphan turned “street urchin” who has been trained  to steal from unsuspecting targets. T’chala (Black Panther) is the prince of Wakanda, an African country with a rich history and vast resources.

The two cross paths as Storm is being hunted down by men she stole from. T’chala, on his walkabout to become a man intervenes, saving Ororo’s life.  As their relationship develops, Ororo’s abilities begin to heighten. Because her powers are directly affected by her emotions, it is impossible for her to hide the way she feels about T’chala which leaves a trial for those hunting her to trace.

I admit that I am not an avid graphic novel reader and I’m certain Dickey’s spin on the story of Storm and Black Panther ventures off from the original comics, but I truly enjoyed reading this book. Not only did Dickey recreate the story of two beloved fictional characters, but he did it without shying away from real social political issues of the region. 

I would recommend this book to those who appreciate a quality story line with powerful characters.

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