Monday, July 25, 2016

Remarkable Trees of Virginia by Nancy Ross Hugo and Jeff Kirwan

Some might consider Remarkable Trees of Virginia by Nancy Ross Hugo and Jeff Kirwan a coffee table book and it very well may be, but that doesn’t negate from the fact that this truly is a remarkable book. I personally  would not recommend letting this book sit on a table or book shelf for too long. Instead, this book should be opened often whenever you’re looking for a new adventure.

I first came across this book several years ago at the library. I was in the process of writing and I wanted to capture the essence of driving down Interstate 64 with the towering trees on either side of the endless two-lane road. What I found inside of Remarkable Trees of Virginia was something so much more captivating; I discovered exactly what lies beyond the long stretch of towering trees.

Considering Virginia’s rich history, this is the perfect book to jump in the car with and map out an impromptu road trip/scavenger hunt. Trees from every corner of the state are highlighted in this book. The authors not only captured remarkable trees but many destinations of historical significance as well.

The spectacular photography by Robert Llewellyn captures the essence of each new location. For those unable to venture out to explore these trees personally, the book’s full color images capture each tree’s unique locale. History buffs and adventurist alike will appreciate lifelike images and descriptive narrative about the trees of  Virginia. Therefore,  I would recommend Remarkable Trees of Virginia to anyone who appreciates nature and local history.

Review by Trinika A.

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