Friday, July 29, 2016

I’d Really Like to Eat a Child by Sylviane Donnio

If you’re looking for a great picture book to share with children, you should checkout I’d Really Like to Eat a Child by Sylviane Donnio. This book is a must read for parents of picky eaters.
Achilles is a young crocodile with his mind set on one thing, eating a child. The unfortunate reality is that Achilles just isn’t big enough for the meal of his choice.  Despite his growing hunger and pitiful size, Achilles refuses to eat his daily portion of bananas, he refuses to eat a truck sized sausage,  and even scoffs at the magnificent chocolate cake his parents bake.
Regardless of their efforts, Achilles’ parents just cannot convince him to eat so that he may grow big enough to actually to eat a child. Very quickly, Achilles’ sulking turns into determination. He sets out to take matters into his own hands. When he encounters a little girl on the river bank, Achilles bears his beautiful sharp teeth and belts out a puny “raah!” The little girl picks Achilles up and gives the scrawny croc a good tickle before flinging him into the river.
Soaked and defeated, Achilles rushes home demanding bananas so that he can grow big...big enough to eat a child!
I'd Really Like to Eat a Child was one of my favorite books to read to my son when he was a little picky eater. The illustrations are simple enough and the concept resonates with all ages. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys having a good laugh reading pictures books.

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