Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hamilton: Original Broadway Cast Recording

If you love history, if you love words, or if you just love witnessing something that brings levels of creativity to heights higher than you thought imaginable, you must listen to the soundtrack to the Broadway Musical, Hamilton. It really doesn’t matter that you haven’t seen the show, and odds are you haven’t seen the show since tickets sell out as soon as they are available. Winner of 11 Tony awards, including Best Musical, the musical Hamilton, presented entirely in song, is almost a new genre in my mind – historical narrative presented in the form of a rap album.

Don’t like rap? It really doesn’t matter, because the words and the structure and the magnificence of almost every single song on the album will lead you begging for more stories to be told in this fashion. Hamilton is the creation of Lin Manuel-Miranda who decided to create a rap concept album after reading the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow that turned into a musical production. You’ll feel like you’ve read a biography after listening to the soundtrack, and I guarantee that you’ll want to return to the songs over and over again.  It’s the story of an immigrant from the West Indies born out of wedlock who helped create this great nation. Immigrants…they get the job done.

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