Monday, June 06, 2016

One-Pot Paleo: simple to make, delicious to eat and gluten-free to boot

One-pot cooking can be a foreign concept to some. There are people in the world who can concoct brilliant meals without needing to load an entire dishwasher? Sounds too good to be true but Jenny Castaneda seems to be writing books that defy convention, starting with One-Pot Paleo: simple to make, delicious to eat and gluten-free to boot.  
If one is waiting for an introduction to paleo, one would best find another cookbook. For good or ill, Castaneda assumes the reader knows about paleo diets and ingredients. Therefore, she jumps right in, serving up savory and sweet Paleo meals without a huge mess. As with all great cookbooks, each recipe comes equipped with deliciously tempting photos. However, unlike other great cookbooks, this is not a “normally” organized cookbook. Because the focus of this book are paleo recipes cooked in single vessels, Castaneda rightly arranges the book by cooking vessel.
Castaneda’s choices of paleo recipes may seem surprising if you are new to paleo. However, as the author explains in her quick introduction, she also mines her Spanish and Filipino heritage for different flavors. Pancit shares pages with Chinese-style stir-fries, next to Hawaiian meatballs. There is no one distinct cooking style relayed in this cookbook, but that in itself is its style.
For even more paleo cookbooks, place a hold on Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook: over 110 paleo-inspired recipes for everyone by Irena Macri, or check out Paleo Planet: primal foods from the global kitchen, by Becky Winkler to try some diverse cooking styles. If it’s one-pot recipes you desire, try Bowl: vegetarian recipes for ramen, pho, bibimbap, dumplings, and other one-dish meals, as well as Sheet Pan Suppers: 120 recipes for simple, surprisingly hands-off meals straight from the oven.


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