Friday, June 24, 2016

Grumpy Pants by Claire Messer

Grumpy Pants

This penguin is in a bad mood, and he can't explain why.  Standing out in the rain on a rainy overcast day, he decides he is grumpy from the top of his hat to the bottom of his rain boots.  So he does what any logical penguin would do.  He strips off his grumpy boots, his grumpy pants, and yes, even his grumpy underpants.  When this fails to cheer him sufficiently, he counts to three and jumps into a nice cold bubble bath.  After spending some contemplative time in the company of his rubber ducky, and the introduction of a few of penguin's other favorite things, he starts to feel his disposition progress slowly away from grumpy and into more peaceful territory.  

Grumpy Pants came across my desk one Monday morning and was exactly what I needed to snap out of my bad mood. Penguin serves as an adorable reminder that there are few things in life that a nice bubble bath, your favorite pajamas, and a steaming cup of hot chocolate can't cure.  Messer's minimalistic prints in a few choice colors match the overall tone of the story. This simple story is a perfect introduction for children struggling with their own bad moods for no good reason and makes a great read aloud for an emotion themed storytime.   

For other children's books about grumpy moods, check out Grumpy Pets by Kristine Lombardi and Scowl by Steve Smallman. 

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