Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cat poems

Poetry can sometimes go over my head with its dense imagery, difficult language, strict structures, and rules. With the subject focusing on cats and experiences with cats, I found I could relate to these poems more, plus many of the poems are fun, accessible, and meant to charm.  These books of poetry could be a way of introducing poetry to new or reluctant readers of poetry or charm readers with its observations on cat behavior and antics.  Look for these books in the VBPL Catalog, and be sure to try other cat poetry books.

Doesn’t the title just grab your attention?  This little book is a charming collection of original poems about cats.  It is a cute idea to get into a cat's head and experiences. As with any collection, the poems vary, and some are funny, sweet, insightful, or kind of silly. There are plenty of photos to complement the poems.

Curious Cats: In Art and Poetry edited by William Lach

This is a collection of cat themed poems and artwork from all over the world and different time periods, giving readers a wide range of styles.  The foreign ones are a treat, as they usually do not make it into cat poetry compilations.  The variety of artwork presented is also worth a look at, as they capture the human fascination with cats rather than just illustrate how cute cats are.

A Curious Collection of Cats: Concrete Poems by Betsy Franco and illustrated by Michael Wertz

This collection of concrete poems is a fun and accessible way to read poetry and enjoy some humorous quirky cat moments. The illustrations are clever and suit each poem, and they move around the page, so readers will have to turn and rotate the book to follow the poem!

Cat Haiku by Deborah Coates

“Cats are, simply, the animal embodiment of haiku. Both are subtle, elegant, succinct; every nuance is fraught with meaning.”  Coates’ haiku give readers a bite-size dose of poetry on humorous observations about cats and their behaviors with simple line drawings to complement the poems. This collection makes poetry enjoyable and easy to relate to.

Review by Tracy V.

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