Monday, March 14, 2016

Whose Tools are These?

      How does a person begin to share the topic of tools with children? If you are lucky like me, you have a husband who is a farmer and a carpenter- plenty of real working items all over the farm to share and touch. But if you're just introducing the subject, Whose Tools are These? -part of a series on non-fiction topics- does a great job of illustrating and describing the many kinds of tools people use in various occupations.
     The cover features a hand wrapped around a hair dryer, with the top of a pair of hair scissors peeking out of the edge. Tools, you say? Yes, the tools of a hair stylist, of course! Inside, large images pose the problem: Who uses these objects? From chef's knives to pencils and pens, binoculars to paintbrushes, the book introduces a wide ranging yet limited display of tools.
 Of course you'll want to read more stories about tools, big equipment and how they work, even if animals use them.Stanley the Builder features cartoon like drawings to share the story of a young hamster who builds a house from the foundation up. Chris Monroe's whimsical Monkey with a Toolbelt features a character called Chico Bon Bon, who has a wacky array of tools to fix just about anything. If the children you know like rhyming and multiple illustrations on every page, this book fits the toolbelt!


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