Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin

by George R.R. Martin is a great introduction of fantasy for young readers.
Adara is a young girl. Small in frame and as cold as the winter that stole the life from her mother the day she was born. Unlike other children, Adara lacks a desire for folly and laughter. Instead, her joy comes only once a year and lasts an entire season.
Even at her tender age, Adara shows signs of a quiet, resolute self assurance. Her fascination with the cold of winter leaves her yearning most of the year for her birthday to arrive. Only then does she frolic and play, building secret fortresses in the snow and enjoying the company of ice lizards.
It is during these times that the dreaded Ice Dragon swoops down with its chilling breath of death and visits her. Unlike the townspeople, Adara is not afraid.  In fact, she goes as far as to secretly touch the mysterious beast and ride upon its back.
When everything she’s ever know is threatened, Adara conjures the humility to face her challengers head on. With the aid of her ferocious dragon, it seems that nothing can stand in her way.
Martin teases the reader with the legend of a powerful beast and the story of a young girl with a formidable destiny.  Luis Royo’s illustrations throughout the book captures the isolation, grief and then hope throughout the story.
This book was captivating from cover to cover. I would recommend this book to all readers with  a budding interest in fantasy, as this one is sure to draw in life loving readers for the author and the genre!

Review by Trinika A.

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