Friday, March 18, 2016

Good Night Yoga: A Pose by Pose Bedtime Story

   Imagine that bedtime is a blissful entry to sleep. Imagine no fretting, no crying, and no struggle. Perhaps you have just read Goodnight Yoga: A pose by pose bedtime story by Miriam Gates with illustrations by Sara Jane Hinder. Whimsy and comforting language, open eyed, multicultural children and bright yellow text take you on an enchanting tour of yoga poses that prepare little bodies for sleep.
   You can almost hear a soft voice yoga teacher read; " As I  breathe in, as I breathe out, I sit back on my heels, still and round like the earth" paired with an image of a little girl in the child pose. The author wraps up the series of poses with a beautiful " Cloud Journey Visualization", which I could have used when my daughter was a little girl.
   And yes, you can do the movements as you read with your little one. if your love this idea, you might consider registering for an interesting new program we've added in the library :Yoga Storytime, featuring stories and yoga poses together. This book is the kind you will want to check out after the class, or even for your own little yogini if you are bringing yoga home for the first time. We have some other yoga books for children and families, like Susan Verde and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds' poetic and simple I am Yoga (2015) and  Emily and the Mighty OM (2014), about a girl who meets a neighbor who is practicing yoga on his front lawn.

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