Monday, February 15, 2016

The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain


For 2016, I decided to take on one of the many reading challenges that are available online to encourage people to read a certain amount of books in a year. I chose the Pop Sugar 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge, because it offers categories to encourage me to read outside my regular zones. So, this year my reviews will most certainly fit one of the categories as I try to get through the challenge. First up, is the book set in Europe, and my chosen title is The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain.

Charming seems like such an old-fashioned term for a book, but that really fits the bill for this title. At only 159 pages, this short, romantic tale leaves you feeling like you just want to let out a big, romantic sigh at the end. Set in France, the story tells the tale of Laure who is mugged on the street and ends up in the hospital, and Laurent, a bookseller who finds her stolen purse and attempts to locate the owner.

Inside the purse is a red notebook in which Laure makes lists of things she likes and dislikes, experiences she's enjoyed, and experiences she wants to have. Armed only with the notebook and the contents of the purse, Laurent goes on an adventure to find the owner, all the while becoming more and more fascinated with the mysterious woman whose dreams are jotted down.  It really is...charming, and I recommend you check it out. I also recommend you try the Pop Sugar reading challenge this year to give you some ideas on your next reading adventure. I'll share some more categories and suggestions throughout the year!

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