Monday, January 04, 2016

Louisiana Longshot

Louisiana Longshot

CIA assassin Fortune Redding (aka Miss Fortune) has had her cover blown and needs a place to lay low until things cool off.  Her boss has the perfect solution.  He sets her up with his niece’s identity and sends her to Sinful, Louisiana to close out a great-aunt’s estate.  The problem is that the niece is a librarian, former beauty queen, and she knits! Fortune grew up with her widowed father who was in the military.  A tomboy all the way, Fortune is finding the adjustment to girlyness harder than any assignment she has ever had.  In Sinful she makes friends with two older women who have skills and secrets of their own.  Quirky characters and crazy antics make this a light, fun read.

The rest of the books in the Miss Fortune series in order:

Lethal Bayou Beauty
Swamp Sniper
Swamp Team 3
Gator Bait
Soldiers of Fortune
Hurricane Force

Another series by this author is the Ghost-in-law series.
This is another light mystery but with some romance.
In Trouble in Mudbug Maryse Robicheaux's very wealthy, much disliked mother-in-law has just died.  Now her ghost is insisting she was murdered and demanding Maryse help her solve the crime.  But to complicate things, Maryse is being investigated by a very sexy undercover agent.

In order they are:
Trouble in Mudbug
Mischief in Mudbug
Showdown in Mudbug
Resurrection in Mudbug
Missing in Mudbug
Chaos in Mudbug

Also by this author is something quite different.  The first book in the Shaye Archer series is Malevolent.  This is a very dark and psychological mystery.

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