Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley

Hiccups are terrible. An awful noise erupts from your throat and you gasp and your chest hurts. What could be worse than hiccups? Hiccups induced by delicious, spicy chili.

And this is the regrettable fate that has befallen our new friend Penguin. He implores you, the reader, that he needs a little help in getting rid of the hiccups because his attempts at drinking water in various yoga-type poses has proved unsuccessful. But his dear friend Franklin has told him a good scare will help.

Thus, you, the reader, are urged to shout "Boo!" Will the shouting and scaring work? Only reading to the end will tell... and a funny surprise awaits.

Interactive and adorable, I've read this aloud to several groups of preschoolers who have all giggled with delight. Kid approved. What more could you need?

The illustrations are adorable, funny and cute and this penguins plight will only make you want to eat chili and heave an empathetic sigh.

If reader involvement is what you like, you may also try Press Here or Don't Push the Button. Or perhaps if like our penguin friend you have a love/hate relationship with spicy food, try Dragons Love Tacos. 

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